Affinity Photo for iPadがアップデート - 10.5インチiPad Proやポーロレートモードをサポートするなどの大量の機能更新


iPad用の本格的な画像編集アプリ「Affinity Photo for iPad」がアップデート。最新のv1.6.3が7月5日に公開されています(9to5Mac)。

Affinity Photo App
カテゴリ: 写真/ビデオ
価格: ¥3,600 → ¥2,400 (記事公開時)

v1.6.3では新しく発売された10.5インチiPad Proのネイティブ解像度への対応や、ポートレートモード (縦書き)のサポートなど以下に示す多数の機能が追加されています。

- Native resolution support for 10.5-inch iPad Pro
- Portrait mode implementation
- New chooser for Photos - supports multi selection, indicates RAW
- Improve performance with complicated documents
- Improved brush performance
- Canvas rotation will snap to 90 degree increments if within 5 degrees
- Improved RAW metadata support and reliability
- Further HDR stability improvements
- Improved pencil / gestures support
- Undo / redo buttons available in full-screen mode
- Support pasting of images from other applications
- Ability to duplicate open documents from the home screen
- Panoramas can now be created from RAW files
- HDR Merge can now be performed on RAW files
- Panorama stability improvements
- Can now choose font face - not just family
- Inpainting improvements and stability fixes
- Improved iCloud folder support
- Improved performance in documents with lots of masks / adjustments
- Ability to turn off spelling red underlines
- Pixel tool improvements - erase and other alternate modes
- Preference option to limit touch to gestures
- Improved layers studio - you can now see / select unto 2 masks / adjustments without expanding a layer
- More tutorials!
- Localisation improvements
- Numerous other improvements and fixes

Affinity PhotoはiOS 10.3移行を搭載したiPadで利用可能で、最新版へは、既存ユーザーは無料でアップデートすることができます。