Firefox 105がリリース - 印刷機能の改良、Windows版の安定性が大幅に向上

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Mozillaは9月20日(現地時間)、Firefoxブラウザの最新版「Firefox 105」をリリースしました(英語版リリースノート)。最新版はFirefoxのソフトウェア更新機能を利用するか、公式サイトからダウンロード可能なセットアップファイルを利用してインストールすることができます。

Firefox 105では印刷機能の改良や、Windows版のスワイプナビゲート機能のサポートなどいくつかの新機能が追加されています。またWindows版ではメモリ不足の状況でFirefoxの動作が改善し、安定性が大幅に向上しています。


  • Added an option to print only the current page from the print preview dialog.

  • Firefox now supports partitioned service workers in third-party contexts. You can register service workers in a third-party iframe and it will be partitioned under the top-level domain.

  • Swipe to navigate (two fingers on a touchpad swiped left or right to perform history back or forward) on Windows is now enabled.

  • Firefox is now compliant with the User Timing L3 specification, which adds additional optional arguments to the performance.mark and performance.measure methods to provide custom start times, end times, duration, and attached details.

  • Searching in large lists for individual items is now 2x faster. This performance enhancement replaces array.includes and array.indexOf with an optimized SIMD version.


  • Stability on Windows is significantly improved as Firefox handles low-memory situations much better.

  • Touchpad scrolling on macOS was made more accessible by reducing unintended diagonal scrolling opposite of the intended scroll axis.

  • Firefox is less likely to run out of memory on Linux and performs more efficiently for the rest of the system when memory runs low.

  • Various security fixes.


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