Obsidian v1.6がリリース - ワークスペースの読み込み高速化やRTL言語サポートの改善など

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Markdownベースのノートアプリ「Obsidian」の最新一般公開版v1.6が6月7日(現地時間)にリリースされました(ChangeLog)。Obsidianは基本機能は無料で使用することができ、Windows / Mac / Linux版を公式サイトからダウンロードすることができます。





  • RTL UI and mixed-direction support. The interface direction is now mirrored when the app is set to an RTL language.
  • New vault profile. The vault name is now always visible in the primary sidebar, making it easier to switch vaults.
  • The app ribbon can now be hidden in settings or by right-clicking on the ribbon and selecting "Hide ribbon".
  • Character count and word count now update based on the current text selection.
  • Faster workspace loading and parsing longer Markdown files.


  • Tab now completes the path segment of the currently selected file in the Quick switcher and "Move files" prompt.
  • Added "Add alias" command.
  • Added "Create new folder" command.
  • Hotkeys and property types are now automatically reloaded if the settings are modified outside of Obsidian.
  • Added custom instructions and result when adding display text to a link.
  • Prompts now have a "clear" button to clear the input. Pressing the button when there is no input now dismisses the prompt.
  • Page preview popups should now have more consistent sizing and positioning.


  • Added autocompletion for footnote references using [^.
  • Improved parsing and rendering of footnotes in the editor.
  • Added hover preview support for inline footnotes.
  • Hovering over a footnote ID displays a popup with the corresponding footnote.


  • Merging properties now flashes the new property name in the global property list.
  • Double-clicking a property list item now allows you to edit it.
  • Added an edit button to the properties view if the open file has invalid frontmatter.

Obsidian Sync

  • Updated the default selective syncing when setting up Sync. By default, Sync now syncs:
    • Main settings
    • Appearance settings
    • Hotkeys
    • Core plugins
    • Core plugin settings
    • Video, images, PDFs, and audio
  • Arbitrary files inside plugin folders are no longer tracked by Sync. The only files inside a plugin folder that are tracked are:
    • data.json
    • main.js
    • styles.css
    • manifest.json
  • Improved loading experience while Sync connects to the remote vault.
  • The "purge" button now appears if storage is more than 95% full.
  • Added command to open the activity log.
  • Updated layout of the status bar menu.
  • Clicking the statusbar item now always shows the Sync menu instead of opening the activity log.
  • Improved appearance of the "Disconnect" button in settings.
  • Syncing is faster when processing pending changes.
  • No throttling when the main window is minimized or in the background.
  • Improved interface for inviting Sync collaborators.
  • Fixed issue with "View version history" not working if file is not tracked in Sync.
  • Disconnecting from vault no longer hangs indefinitely.
  • Automatically disconnect from vaults that do not exist.
  • Standardized the "Vault not found" error message.
  • Removed redundant disconnect button.
  • Fixed settings reset issues when switching between remote vaults.


Obsidianは個人使用は無料ですが、「Obsidian Sync」や「Obsidian Publish」などの有料サブスクリプション機能を利用することで、同期機能やWeb公開機能などのより便利な機能を使用することができます。

タイトル Obsidian
公式サイト https://obsidian.md/
ソフトアンテナ https://softantenna.com/softwares/7702-obsidian
説明 第2の脳として活用できるMarkdown対応ノートアプリ。
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