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UniGetUI 1

Windows用のパッケージマネージャー「WingetUI」の最新版、「UniGetUI 3.1.0」が公開されました。





  • WingetUI is now UniGetUI. A new icon completes the rebranding
  • The Package Engine has undergone an entire redesign

    • Package managers that support so fetch packages via APIs (WinGet uses COM, NuGet-Based use REST nuget APIs, etc.). This leads to important speed improvements
    • The way in which icons are loaded has been renewed. Package managers that support so will provide the icons directly to the packages.
    • Microsoft Store (winget: msstore) packages show their screenshots on the details page.
    • System WinGet is now used by default. Bundled WinGet is no longer used to fetch or to install packages.
      • WinGet Packages will not show ellipted anymore.
    • Lifecycle of Packages, PackageDetails and InstallationOptions have been modified to not have duplicated instances of the same data in ram. Package data that has been already loaded will not be loaded again, and will be recycled from an older load instead.
    • Widgets for UniGetUI will now load packages faster, and does not rely on the interface as much as it used to.
    • When a package manager is missing a dependency, the user will be prompted to install it.
  • Important improvements across the entire interface

    • The Software Pages have been rebuilt with ItemsView in favour of ListView. This decreases the amount of used RAM (70~100mb less aprox.)
    • The Package Details page has been rebuilt with RichTextBlock. Content does not overflow and is overall better presented. Bold, italic and greyed out fonts are used to make the interface more understandable. Text and URLs can be copied.
    • The Logs pages have been rebuilt, to provide more important information better. Different levels of logs have been introduced, easing the process of debugging and understanding issues.
    • The Settings page has been reorganized into more coherent categories
    • Improvements to ContentDialogs. Dialogs that do not prompt the user for a decision have a "Close" button at the top-right corner of the dialog.
  • The Package Engine has been internally decoupled from the Interface.
  • The System Tray has new, pixel-perfect icons.
  • The installer will ensure WinGet and Microsoft.WinGet.Client are present on the system.
  • The installer will allow the user to not install Chocolatey
  • Tons of bugfixes and improvements.

What's Changed

UniGetUIは、Wingetのほか、Chocolatey、Scoop、Pip、Npm、.NET Toolに対応したGUIパッケージ管理ツールです。最新版はGitHubからダウンロード可能です。

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