Oracle、「VirtualBox 5.1」をリリース – パフォーマンスの改善、GUIのQt5化等

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S 2016 07 13 10 12 32


v5.1の具体的な修正内容としては、GUIのQt4からQt5への移行や、Python 3サポートの改善、VMMの改良、新しいLinuxゲストに対するHDA(High Definition Audio)サポートの追加などがあげられています。

  • VMM: new APIC and I/O APIC implementations that result in significantly improved performance in certain situations (for example with networking, bug #15295)
  • VMM: added support for Hyper-V paravirtualized debugging of Windows guests
  • VMM: emulate even more MMIO and shadow pagetable exits without going back to user mode
  • GUI: overall migration to Qt5 (bug #11775)
  • GUI: passive API event listener improving the VM GUI performance and response time
  • Audio: added HDA (High Definition Audio) support for newer Linux guests
  • Audio: added on-demand timers which should improve the overall performance and reduce the CPU consumption
  • Audio: more fine-grained volume control for the AC'97 emulation, which now also takes the master volume control into account
  • better support for Python 3


I screenshot1 タイトル VirtualBox
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