WinBtrfs - LinuxのBtrfsをWindowsで使用するためのドライバー

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Linuxの次世代ファイルシステム「Btrfs(B-tree file system)」をWindowsで読み書きするためのドライバーソフトで、オープンソースソフトウェアとして開発が進められています。

ゼロからの再実装でLinuxカーネルからのコードは含まれておらず、Windows XP以降のバージョンで動作します。オープンソースでWindows互換を目指す「ReactOS」にも含まれています。


  • Reading and writing of Btrfs filesystems
  • Basic RAID: RAID0, RAID1, and RAID10
  • Advanced RAID: RAID5 and RAID6
  • Caching
  • Discovery of Btrfs partitions, even if Windows would normally ignore them
  • Getting and setting of Access Control Lists (ACLs), using the xattr security.NTACL
  • Alternate Data Streams (e.g. :Zone.Identifier is stored as the xattr user.Zone.Identifier)
  • Mappings from Linux users to Windows ones (see below)
  • Symlinks and other reparse points
  • Shell extension to identify and create subvolumes, including snapshots
  • Hard links
  • Sparse files
  • Free-space cache
  • Preallocation
  • Asynchronous reading and writing
  • Partition-less Btrfs volumes
  • Per-volume registry mount options (see below)
  • zlib compression
  • LZO compression
  • LXSS ("Ubuntu on Windows") support
  • Balancing (including resuming balances started on Linux)
  • Device addition and removal
  • Creation of new filesystems with mkbtrfs.exe and ubtrfs.dll
  • Scrubbing
  • Reflink copy
  • Subvol send and receive
  • Degraded mounts
  • Free space tree (compat_ro flag free_space_cache)
  • Shrinking and expanding
  • Passthrough of permissions etc. for LXSS
  • Zstd compression
  • Windows 10 case-sensitive directory flag
  • Oplocks
  • Metadata UUID incompat flag (Linux 5.0)
  • Three- and four-disk RAID1 (Linux 5.5)
  • New checksum types (xxhash, sha256, blake2) (Linux 5.5)
  • Block group tree (Linux 6.1)





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▲フォーマットダイアログは使えないため、管理者権限でコマンドプロンプトを開きformat /fs:btrfsを実行します(実際はこの後にドライブ名またはデバイスパスが必要です)。



> mkbtrfs
Usage: mkbtrfs.exe device [label]

The device parameter can either be a drive letter, e.g. D:, or a device path,
such as \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2.

To format the whole of the first hard disk without using partitions, you would
need to use the parameter \Device\Harddisk0\Partition0.

Supported flags:

/sectorsize:num                     Sets the sector size. This must be a
                                    multiple of the size that the disk itself
                                    reports. The default is 4096, which should
                                    be used unless you have a good reason.

/nodesize:num                       Sets the node size, i.e. the size of the
                                    metadata trees. The default is 16384. This
                                    needs to either be the same as sector size,
                                    or a power of two multiple.

/csum:id                            Sets the checksum algorithm to use. Valid
                                    values are crc32c, xxhash, sha256, and

/mixed                              Enables or disables mixed block groups,
/notmixed                           which store data and and metadata in the
                                    same chunks. The default is disabled. This
                                    is only useful for very small filesystems.

/extiref                            Enables or disables extended inode refs,
/notextiref                         which increase the number of hardlinks
                                    allowed. The default is enabled.

/skinnymetadata                     Enables or disable skinny metadata, which
/notskinnymetadata                  allows more efficient storage of metadata
                                    refs. The default is enabled.

/noholes                            Enables or disables whether sparse extents
/notnoholes                         should be stored implicitly, which can save
                                    a little space. The default is enabled.

/freespacetree                      Enables or disables storing the free-space
/notfreespacetree                   cache in a tree rather than a blob.
                                    Supported from Linux 4.5. The default is

/blockgrouptree                     Enables or disables the block group tree,
/notblockgrouptree                  which can decrease mount times. Supported
                                    from Linux 6.1. The default is disabled.
                                    Implies /noholes and /freespacetree.



タイトル WinBtrfs
説明 Linux向けに開発されたBtrfsをWindowsで利用するためのドライバー。
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