Windows 11 WSA 2305が公開。待望のファイル共有機能やドラッグ&ドロップ、Chromium WebViewの更新など

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Microsoftは6月3日(現地時間)、Windows Subsystem for Android(WSA)の最新プレビューアップデート、version 2305.40000.2.0をリリースしました。


その他、ドラッグ&ドロップやコピー&ペーストによりファイル転送がより簡単になったほか、Android 13のセキュリティアップデートや、Chromium WebViewのアップデートなどさまざまな変更が行われています。


  • File sharing enabled
  • File transfer using drop and drop and copy and paste!
  • Windows Subsystem for Android Settings (renamed to just "Windows Subsystem for Android") redesign, including displaying all installed Android apps
  • Enable apps that specify android.hardware.type.pc in their manifest to opt into receiving raw input events
  • Wi-Fi API compatibility improvements
  • Camera hardware compatibility improvements
  • Linux kernel security update
  • Updated latest Chromium WebView to version 113
  • Android 13 security updates


  • Only files in your Windows user profile folder are available to the Subsystem. Windows system folders, Program Files, other users’ folders, external drives, etc. are not supported.
  • Only files the Subsystem saves to “/sdcard/Windows” are available to Windows. When opening files in other folders from an Android™ app, the Subsystem offers the option of copying the file to Windows and opening it there.
  • Windows hidden files/folders like AppData and Android hidden files/folders (dot prefixed names) are excluded from sharing.
  • Executable file types, like “.exe” are excluded from sharing to protect your security. If the Subsystem tries to save a file with a blocked extension to “/sdcard/Windows”, the save will fail.
  • Cloud storage files must be downloaded to your device. If your cloud storage provider includes online-only files in File Explorer, the online-only files will not be available to the Subsystem until you download them. Simply open an online-only file in File Explorer to download it and make it available to the Subsystem. You can also modify your cloud storage settings to make some or all of your files always available offline.
  • The Subsystem needs to index shared files before apps can access them. Indexing is usually quick but may take longer if you have a lot of files. Recent files are prioritized, so if you can’t find a file in an Android™ app, try opening it from File Explorer first.


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