タイトル LastPass
バージョン ver 4.130.0
更新日 2024/04/23
追加日 2016/03/20
種別 フリーソフト
説明 パスワード管理サービス「LastPass」用のクライアント。







v4.130.0 - April 22nd 2024 -- Chrome,Chromium Edge,Opera
New configuration option in the in-field menu for pausing and disabling LastPass for websites.
New “Cloud apps” option in the LastPass browser extension drop-down menu.
Fixed a bug that caused high CPU load when using the LastPass extension.
Fixed a bug for the Chrome extension Options menu.
Fixed a bug for the reused password alerts.
Improvements for the import feature.
Fixed a bug for the LastPass Premium trial users' “Starter kit” experience.
v1.6.643 - April 16th 2024 -- AD Connector
Customers are now notified if they are using a soon to be obsolete Windows Server or .NET version.
Bug fixes were implemented.
v4.129.0 - April 10th 2024 -- Chrome
Improvements for the import feature.
Improvements for the LastPass Families >Manage Family UI.
Improvements for the LastPass in-field icon behavior to allow seamless user interaction when displayed in smaller fields.
v1.5.1314 - March 27th 2024 -- AD Connector
“Use” checkbox has been removed from the login window
Bug fixes and security fixes were implemented
v4.128.0 - March 22nd 2024 -- Chrome,Chromium Edge
We fixed a bug for the “Disable Secure Note” policy. The policy was enforced only on mobile before, but now it works correctly in the web vault and extension as well.
Improvements for the import feature.
Updated the LastPass Trust Center link in the Firefox extension.
Added "View Password" and "Disable alert for this site" options to the at-risk password alert pop-up window.
We fixed a couple of bugs when filling credit card information and launching sites from the extension or the vault.
v4.127.0 - March 5th 2024 -- Chrome,Chromium Edge
Improvements for the import feature.
We fixed a bug when skipping the items in the Sharing Center.
We fixed a bug when sharing items from the Vault.
We fixed a bug for the password expiration notification email.
We fixed a visual bug for the save prompt caused by the dark/light appearance setting on Mac.
We fixed a bug for field identification.
v2.4 - February 27th 2024 -- Workstation MFA
v4.126.0 - February 20th 2024 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Safari
Improvements for the import and export features.
Improved field identification for websites.
Fixed the positioning of the in-field icon on Iframe.
We fixed a bug where for certain websites a generated password could not be filled using the in-field icon.
Supporting save and fill for websites that use web components and dialog API.
We fixed a bug for the Save personal sites to personal vault policy.
New pop-up confirmation to autofill payment card, address, email, or phone information when making online purchases.
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v4.125.0 - December 14th 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Safari
Fixed invalid URL when accepting shared credentials for a website.
Fixed an issue preventing users from clicking on the right side of the webpage.
Improved positioning of UI Iframe forms.
Enabled successful federated login from a change password email.
v1.5.1292 - December 5th 2023 -- AD Connector
Improved: security and bug fixes.
v4.124.0 - December 4th 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, Safari
Improved the automatic launch feature, as a result submitting logins is more accurate.
Improved the username detection for the improved save and fill feature.
Fixed an issue that caused LastPass users to be unable to log in with Azure PKCE federated login with the safari extension.
Fixed an issue that caused LastPass users to be unable to import files with special characters.
v4.123.0 - October 12th 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, IE
New-When setting up a FIDO2 backup method, the user can select “Or choose a different backup method” to set up the LastPass Authenticator app or Yubikey as a backup method instead of using their phone number.
Fixed an issue that caused LastPass users not to be able to log in to their vault through the extension. When the user was logged out, a grey LastPass infield icon appeared, but the login page did not load when clicking on it.
Fixed an issue that caused “404 Page not found” errors for LastPass users when trying to launch Okta sites from their vault with the new experience enabled.
Fixed an issue that did not allow LastPass users to see a notification of a reused master password in their security dashboard or admin console when adding a site to the vault with the same password as the user’s master password.
v4.122.0 - September 24th 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, IE
Fixed an issue that caused federated login users to be unable to export their vault data using the new experience of the LastPass browser extension, even though the “Prohibit export” policy was disabled for their account.
v1.5.1253 - September 20th 2023 -- AD Connector
Telemetry-related improvements and bug fixes
v4.121.0 - September 14th 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Firefox, IE
Bug fixes and minor improvements were made to enhance the performance of the new save and fill experience.
Workstation MFA v2.1.2 - August 31st 2023 -- Workstation MFA for MacOS
New! The first “Introduction” step of the Workstation MFA installer for Mac now encourages admins to review the important information within these setup instructions to avoid a risk of lockout for their end users once the setup process is complete.
To improve usability, the Workstation MFA version number is now displayed at the bottom of all prompts and error messages.
v4.120.0 - August 21st 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, IE
LastPass users who try to log in from a location that is sanctioned (based on export compliance and regulations) will encounter a blocked connection message.
Various improvements were made to the new save and fill experience, including better field recognition for displaying the LastPass in-field icon and proper use of autofilling login data after adding new records using the “save all entered data” feature.
Additional adjustments were made to the MFA re-enrollment experience for LastPass users.
v1.5.1227 - August 10th 2023 -- AD Connector
New: Telemetry data regarding servers is now collected according to LastPass Privacy Policy
Improved: Bug fixes, performance improvements and security fixes were implemented
v.4.118.0 - July 3rd 2023 -- Chrome, Chromium Edge, Safari, IE
Fixed an issue in which users were unable to edit stored password items and/or launch stored sites, as both actions resulted in LastPass being unresponsive. This affected both Chrome and Edge browsers.