KeePass 2.42がリリース

S 20190503 103320

オープンソースのパスワード管理アプリ「KeePass」の最新版「KeePass 2.42」が5月1日(現地時間)にリリースされました(公式ニュースgHacks)。

KeePass 2.42は最新の安定版で、全ての2.xユーザーに対してアップグレードが推奨されています。またKeePass 1.37と2.42の違いはエディション比較表で確認可能です。


  • Added main menu items 'Group', 'Entry' and 'Find', which
    contain all commands related to groups and entries (supersets
    of context menus); removed 'Edit' main menu item, because all
    of its commands are included in the three new main menu items.

    S 20190503 104654

  • Added support for a system-wide hot key to
    auto-type only the
    password of a matching entry; by default, the hot key is
    changeable in the options dialog.
  • When double-clicking the URL
    cell of an entry in the main
    entry list while holding down the Shift key, KeePass now
    copies the URL to the clipboard (a double-click without Shift
    continues to open the URL; the option 'Copy URLs to clipboard
    instead of opening them' reverses this behavior).
  • Added quick edit commands 'Expires: Now' and 'Expires: Never'.
  • There now are two commands for copying a whole entry to the
    clipboard: 'Copy Entry (Encrypted)' and 'Copy Entry
    (Unencrypted)'; the first one encrypts the data for the
    current user using the Windows DPAPI.
  • Added Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut
    for printing the currently selected group.
  • The creation time and the last modification time of an entry
    are now displayed on the 'History' tab of the entry editing
  • Added support for importing Steganos Password Manager 20 CSV files.
  • Added support for importing Bitwarden 1.12 JSON files.
  • Mozilla Bookmarks JSON import: added support for importing
    tags (new format, in addition to the old format) and keywords.
  • Enhanced the Enpass import module to support TXT files
    created by version 6.0.4.
  • The language selection
    dialog now also lists KeePass 1.x LNG
    files; when trying to select such a file, an informative
    error message is displayed.
  • Added 'Cancel' command in the context menu of KeePass' system
    tray icon, which can be used to abort opening and saving a
    database file.
  • Added '-cancel' command line
    , which causes all other
    KeePass instances to cancel opening/saving a database file.
  • Added '-auto-type-password' command line option (other
    running KeePass instances auto-type only the password of a
    matching entry).
  • Added '-e1:' command line parameter, which works like '-e:',
    but is handled by only one other instance; '-e:' is handled
    by all other instances.
  • When compiling a PLGX plugin, KeePass now defines a
    'KP_V_*_*_*' symbol, where the asterisks specify the KeePass
    version (for example, 'KP_V_2_42_0' for version 2.42).
  • Added workarounds for .NET Caps Lock warning tooltip bug.
  • Added workaround for Mono grid view default color bug.
  • Added workaround for OneDrive bug on Windows 1809.


Pc タイトル KeePass Password Safe Professional Edition
説明 オープンソースのパスワード管理ソフト。プロフェッショナルエディション。