LibreOffice 7.5がリリース - ダークモードの改良や新しいアイコンの導入など

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The Document Foundationは2月2日(現地時間)、オープンソースのオフィスソフト「LibreOffice」の最新版「LibreOffice 7.5」をリリースしました(公式ブログ)。LibreOfficeの新バージョンは7月か8月、1月か2月の半年に一度、The Document Foundationからリリースされます。

LibreOffice 7.5ではダークモードサポートの改良や、新しいアプリケーション、MIMEタイプアイコンの導入、PDFエクスポート機能の改良、改良版のシングルツールバーUIの実装などさまざまな新機能が追加されています。



  • Major improvements to dark mode support
  • New application and MIME-type icons, more colorful and vibrant
  • The Start Centre can filter documents by type
  • An improved version of the Single Toolbar UI has been implemented
  • PDF Export improved with several fixes, and new options and features
  • Support for font embedding on macOS
  • Improvements to the Font Features dialog with several new options
  • Addition of a zoom slider at the bottom right of the macro editor


  • Bookmarks have been significantly improved, and are also much more visible
  • Objects can be marked as decorative, for better accessibility
  • New types added to content controls, which also improve the quality of PDF forms
  • A new automatic accessibility checker option has been added to the Tools menu
  • Initial machine translation is available, based on DeepL translate APIs
  • Several spell checking improvements


  • Data tables are now supported in charts
  • The Function Wizard now lets you search by descriptions
  • “Spell out” number formats have been added
  • Conditional formatting conditions are now case insensitive
  • Correct behavior when entering numbers with a single prefix quote (‘)


  • New set of default table styles, and creation of table styles
  • Table styles can be customized, saved as master elements and exported
  • Objects can be drag-and-dropped in the navigator
  • It is now possible to crop inserted videos in the slide and still play them
  • The presenter console can also run as a normal window instead of fullscreen



タイトル LibreOffice
説明 OpenOfficeの後継として開発中のオープンソースのオフィスソフト。
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