PowerToys 0.76がリリース - 新しいファイルエクスプローラーアドオンが追加や.NET 8へのアップグレード等

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Microsoftは本日、Windows 10/11用の生産性向上ツール「PowerToys」の最新版v0.76.0をリリースしました(GitHub)。

最新版ではファイルエクスプローラーの新しいアドオン(QOI image Preview Handler / Thumbnail Provider)の追加や、PowerToys Run、Quick Accent、Text Extractor UIのモダン化、.NET 8へのアップグレードなどが行われています。



  • Upgrade to .NET 8. Thanks @snickler!
  • Keyboard Manager can now remap keys and shortcuts to send sequences of unicode text.
  • Modernized the Keyboard Manager Editor UI. Thanks @dillydylann!
  • Modernized the PowerToys Run, Quick Accent and Text Extractor UIs. Thanks @niels9001!
  • New File Explorer Add-ons: QOI image Preview Handler and Thumbnail Provider. Thanks @pedrolamas!


  • Updated the WebView 2 dependency to 1.0.2088.41. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed unreadable color brushes used across WinUI3 applications for improved accessibility. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Flyouts used across WinUI3 applications are no longer constrained to the application's bounds. Thanks @Jay-o-Way!
  • Upgraded the WPF-UI dependency to preview.9 and then preview.11. Thanks @niels9001 and @pomianowski!
  • Upgraded to .NET 8. Thanks @snickler!
  • Updated the WinAppSDK dependency to 1.4.3.


  • Added localization to the tray icon context menu.

Crop And Lock

  • Fixed restoring windows that were reparented while maximized.

Environment Variables

  • Fixed crash caused by WinAppSDK version bump by replacing ListView elements with ItemsControl.


  • Reverted a change that caused some applications, like the Windows Calculator, to not snap correctly. (This was a hotfix for 0.75)
  • FancyZones Editor will no longer apply a layout to the current monitor after editing it.
  • Fixed and refactored the code that detected if a window can be snapped. Added tests to it with known application window styles to avoid regressions in the future.

File Explorer add-ons

  • Solved an issue incorrectly detecting encoding when previewing code files preview.
  • Fixed the background color for Gcode preview handler on dark theme. Thanks @pedrolamas!
  • New utilities: Preview Handler and Thumbnail Provider for QOI image files. Thanks @pedrolamas!
  • GCode Thumbnails are now in the 32 bit ARGB format. Thanks @pedrolamas!
  • Added the perceived type to SVG and QOI file thumbnails. Thanks @pedrolamas!


  • Added the missing Environment Variables utility policy to the .admx and .adml files. (This was a hotfix for 0.75)
  • Fixed some typos and text improvements in the .adml file. Thanks @htcfreek!

Hosts File Editor

  • Added a proper warning when the hosts file is read-only and a button to make it writable. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

Image Resizer

  • Fixed a WPF-UI issue regarding the application's background brushes. Thanks @niels9001!


  • Included the Text Extractor and Awake localization files in the install process.

Keyboard Manager

  • Modernized the UI with the Fluent design. Thanks @dillydylann!
  • Added the feature to remap keys and shortcuts to arbitrary unicode text sequences.

Mouse Without Borders

  • Removed Thread.Suspend calls when exiting the utility. That call is deprecated, unneeded and was causing a silent crash.


  • Added the possibility to pause/resume videos with the space bar. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed high CPU usage when idle before initializing the main window. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Implemented Ctrl+W as a shortcut to close Peek. Thanks @Physalis2!
  • Solved an issue incorrectly detecting encoding when previewing code files.
  • Fixed background issues when peeking into HTML files after the WebView 2 upgrade.

PowerToys Run

  • Moved to WPF-UI and redesigned according to Fluent UX principles. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Fixed an issue causing 3rd party plugins to not have their custom settings correctly initialized with default values. (This was a hotfix for 0.75) Thanks @waaverecords!
  • Fixed a crash in the VSCode plugin when the VSCode path had trailing backspaces. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load invalid image icons.
  • Fixed a crash in the Programs plugin when getting images for some .lnk files.
  • Fixed a rare startup initialization error and removed cold start operations that were no longer needed. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Improved calculations for Windows File Time and Unix Epoch Time in the DateTime plugin. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Fixed a crash when trying to get the icon for a link that pointed to no file.
  • Cleaned up code in the WindowWalker plugin improving the logic. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

Quick Accent

  • Moved from ModernWPF to WPF-UI. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Added support to the Finnish language character set. Thanks @davidtlascelles!
  • Added currency symbols for Croatian, Gaeilge, Gàidhlig and Welsh. Thanks @PesBandi!
  • Added a missing Latin letter ꝡ. Thanks @cubedhuang!
  • Added fraction characters. Thanks @PesBandi!
  • Added support to the Danish language character set. Thanks @PesBandi!
  • Added the Kazakhstani Tenge character to the Currencies characters set. Thanks @PesBandi!
  • Renamed Slovakian to Slovak, which is the correct term. Thanks @PesBandi!
  • Added the Greek language character set. Thanks @mcbabo!


  • When clicking a module's name on the Dashboard, it will navigate to that module's page.
  • Fixed the clipping of information in the Backup and Restore section of the General Settings page. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Updated the File Explorer Add-ons fluent icon. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Added a warning when trying to set a shortcut that might conflict with "Alt Gr" key combinations.
  • Added a direct link to the OOBE's "What's New page" from the main Settings window. Thanks @iakrayna!
  • Changed mentions from Microsoft Docs to Microsoft Learn.
  • Fixed the slow reaction to system theme changes.

Text Extractor

  • Move to WPF-UI, localization and light theme support. Thanks @niels9001!
  • Disabled by default on Windows 11, with a information box on Settings to prefer using the Windows Snipping Tool, which now supports OCR.


  • Fixed some typos in the README. Thanks @Asymtode712!
  • Reworked the gpo docs on learn.microsoft.com, adding .admx, registry and Intune information. Thanks @htcfreek!

最新版はMicrosoft Storeや、GitHubからダウンロードできるインストーラーを利用してインストール可能です。


Microsoftが開発するオープンソースの生産性向上ツール「PowerToys」。 Windows 10/11環境で無料で利用でき、アプリケーションランチャー、ファ
タイトル PowerToys
公式サイト https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys
ソフトアンテナ https://softantenna.com/softwares/7650-power-toys
説明 Microsoftによるパワフルな生産性向上ユーティリティ集。
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