Pale Moon


タイトル Pale Moon
バージョン ver 33.2.1
更新日 2024/07/16
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 フリーソフト
説明 Firefoxを独自ビルドし高速化したもの。






v33.2.1 (2024-07-15)
This is a bugfix and security update.
Fixed a crash in CSS grid layout.
Set hidden HTML elements to actually always be hidden.
Updated NSS to 3.90.3.
Updated SQLite to 3.46.0.
Fixed an issue with setting of cookies.
Fixed an issue in Linux IPC code.
Fixed an issue with DNS prefetching (disabled by default).
Security issues addressed: CVE-2024-6611, CVE-2024-6612 DiD and several others
(mostly DiD) that do not
have a CVE number assigned.
Implemented coarser, user-configurable granularity for the
v33.2.0 (2024-06-18)
This is a development, stability and security release.
Note: Mac builds have
switched to Xcode 15 and are now cross-compiled from Apple silicon for
Intel targets. While the resulting builds have been tested on a few
Intel Mac systems, this is a big build change, so please get in touch
through our forum
if you experience any issues with these builds on Mac.
New features:
Implemented the missing parts of the html5 <dialog>
element, including modal handling and custom backdrops.
Implemented courser, user-configurable granularity for the
canvas poisoning anti-fingerprinting measure. See implementation notes.
Implemented new CSS viewport units svw, svh,
svmin, svmax, lvw, lvh,
lvmin, lvmax, dvw, dvh,
dvmin and dvmax.
Implemented new CSS logical viewport units vb,
vi, svb, svi, lvb,
v32.5.2 (2023-12-22)
This is a bugfix and security update.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
Removed the standard Twitter/X user-agent override because
they decided to block us on it.
Added preferences for the user to control whether or not
the tab page title should be included in the window title or not. In
Private Browsing mode, the default is now to not show the title in the
window. This was done to avoid potential leakage to system logs (e.g.
GNOME shell logs or Windows event logs) of websites visited through the
recorded window title. The new preferences are privacy.exposeContentTitleInWindow
and privacy.exposeContentTitleInWindow.pbm for normal
mode and Private Browsing mode, respectively.
Fixed several crashes in DOM and relating to dynamic
JavaScript module imports.
Removed a restriction on Fetch preflight redirects,
following a spec update.
Improved the handling of web workers if they get aborted
v32.5.1 (2023-11-28)
This is a minor development and security update.
Important: as of this
version, our beta FreeBSD binaries require at least FreeBSD 13.
Restricted protocol fallback for TLS. Pale Moon no longer
(by default) allows TLS 1.3 to fall back to earlier protocol versions
during the initial handshake.
Reverted the addition of browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu
due to behavioral issues with menus.
If you desire the intended behavior, please use an extension instead.
We no longer support the data: protocol inside SVG's
<use> statements.
Enabled more validation/error checking for WebGL on Windows
to prevent potential crashes.
Improved secure context checking for iframes.
Fixed the handling of relative paths in URLs starting with
multiple forward slashes.
Security issues addressed: CVE-2023-6204, CVE-2023-6210,
v32.5.0 (2023-10-31) 
This is a major development and security update. And a Happy Halloween
to everyone who celebrates! 🎃👻🦇
Added an initial implementation of the ReadableStreams API,
improving web compatibility with sites that apparently use this API in
utilitarian fashion.
Added support for transparency in WebM videos for the edge
case of using <video> elements for transparent
animated images. Major caveat: this will massively impact performance
of video playback if an alpha channel is present in the video.
Added support for crypto.randomUUID to allow
website scripting to generate random UUIDs (universally unique
identifiers) through the WebCrypto interface.
By user request, added a preference browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu
(default true) to allow users to configure if they want
to keep the bookmarks menu open if they open bookmarks from it in a new
tab (by middle-clicking or Ctrl-clicking). The default behavior is to
close the bookmarks menu like any other menu when an option in it is
v32.4.1 (2023-10-03)
This is a bugfix and security update.
Fixed an issue in BigInt typedArray costructors.
Added some safety checks for Performance Observers.
Fixed JSON BigInt regressions.
Fixed missing BigInt increment/decrement operations.
Added WASM sign extension opcodes.
Fixed an issue with dead Promise wrappers in JavaScript DiD
Fixed an issue with Alternative Services DiD
Fixed an issue with libvpx (address CVE-2023-5217) DiD
v32.4.0.1 (2023-09-14)
This is a point release update to address a critical security
Fixed a WebP decoder issue (CVE 2023-4863)
v32.4.0 (2023-09-05)
This is a major development update, further improving web compatibility
and fixing bugs.
Implemented the BigInt primitive type for
JavaScript. See implementation notes.
Implemented Big(U)Int64 array support.
Implemented ergonomic brand checks for JavaScript class
Aligned the Performance API with the Timeline v2 spec.
Aligned the handling of flex/grid percentages resolving
against the parent with other browsers. See implementation notes.
Added or updated several user-agent overrides for
problematic websites.
Pale Moon
v32.1.1 (2023-04-18)
This is a bugfix and security release.
Fixed a crash in CompareDocumentPosition with Shadow DOM.
Fixed a crash with display:contents styling.
Added a preference to disable the TLS 1.3 protocol
downgrade sentinel (see implementation notes).
Changed the way large clipboard copy/paste operations are
handled, improving privacy (see implementation notes).
Improved filename safety when saving files to prevent
potential environment leaks (bis).
Improved sanity checks of MIME type headers.
Security issues addressed: CVE-2023-29545 and
UXP Mozilla security patch summary: 2 fixed, 1 rejected, 49
Implementation notes:
Some proxies and middleware boxes improperly handle the TLS
1.3 protocol handshake causing an insecure downgrade to TLS 1.2. With
v31.4.1.1 (2022-12-01)
32-bit Windows only!
This is a rebuild of 31.4.1 for Windows 32-bit to address run-time
crashes on Windows 7 32-bit on older hardware.
v31.4.1 (2022-11-29)
This is a bugfix release.
Fixed wrong color of decoded JPEG-XL images.
Fixed an issue with plugins not receiving keypress events
v31.4.0 (2022-11-22)
This is a major development update, adding JPEG-XL image support among
other things.
Added support for the JPEG-XL image format.
Implemented regular expressions lookaround/lookbehind.
Aligned CORS header parsing with the updated spec. See
implementation notes.
We no longer fire keypress events for non-printable keys.
General notes:
Rejected security patches:
This means that patches were theoretically applicable to our code but
considered undesirable, which could be due to unwanted changes in
behavior, known regressions caused by the patches, or unnecessary risks
for stability, security or privacy.
v31.0.0 (2022-05-10)
This is a new milestone release.
After our unacceptable and recalled release of v30.0.0 and 30.0.1 with
the departure of one of the core devs from our team
requiring us to rewind and re-do several months of work to exclude
undesired code changes and what likely lay at the root of the plethora
of stability and run-time issues of the recalled versions, we're back
on track with a new milestone building on UXP and Goanna (v5.1) with
many improvements and additional user-requested features.
To prevent user confusion, we're skipping from 29 to 31.
Most important changes in this
We're once again accepting the installation of legacy
v30.0.0 (2022-03-17)
This is a
new milestone release!
Following the change in direction as announced on the forum and
directly driven by user feedback and community input, Pale Moon is
abandoning its own GUID (globally-unique identifier) and adopting
Firefox's GUID instead to provide maximum compatibility with old and
unmaintained Firefox extensions alongside those that are maintained on
our add-ons site.
Please understand that this gives more freedom for people to use
potentially incompatible and old/insecure browser extensions, but also
means we will have a more "hands-off" approach to it from this point
forward which as a consequence means you will have to resolve more
issues yourself and take more care, especially when using external/old
Please note that our current add-ons site will, for a while, serve both
older versions of Pale Moon and newer ones in a side-by-side manner,
and it is important that you do not
spoof your user agent when visiting the add-ons site or you may