タイトル VeraCrypt
バージョン ver 1.26.7
更新日 2023/10/02
追加日 2016/02/02
種別 フリーソフト
説明 TrueCrypt 7.1aのソースコードを元に開発されているディスク暗号化ソフト。






For those seeking support for the TrueCrypt format, please visit dedicated page for VeraCrypt version 1.25.9.
Latest Stable Release - 1.26.7 (Sunday October 1st, 2023)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.26.7.exe  
VeraCrypt Portable 1.26.7.exe  
macOS Monterey 12 and later:
VeraCrypt_1.26.7.dmg   (PGP Signature)
OSXFUSE 4 or newer must be installed.
veracrypt-1.26.7-setup.tar.bz2   (PGP Signature)
Debian 12:
veracrypt-1.26.7-Debian-12-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature) and
veracrypt-1.26.7-Debian-12-i386.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.26.7-Debian-12-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature) and
veracrypt-console-1.26.7-Debian-12-i386.deb  (PGP Signature)
Debian 11:
veracrypt-1.26.7-Debian-11-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.26.7-Debian-11-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Latest Stable Release - 1.25.9 (Saturday February 19, 2022)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.25.9.exe (21.1 MB) 
VeraCrypt_Setup_x64_1.25.9.msi (29 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.25.9.exe (20.9 MB) (18.4 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.25.9.dmg (11.7 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-setup.tar.bz2 (41.5 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-x86-legacy-setup.tar.bz2 (13.8 MB) 
veracrypt-1.25.9-Debian-11-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.9-Debian-11-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.9-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-Ubuntu-21.10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.9-Ubuntu-21.10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-Ubuntu-21.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.9-Ubuntu-21.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-Ubuntu-20.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.9-Ubuntu-20.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.9-Ubuntu-18.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Bleeding edge builds based on latest source code are available at
Latest Stable Release
For macOS and Windows: 1.25.7 (Friday January 7, 2022)
For FreeBSD and Linux: 1.25.4 (Friday December 3, 2021)
EXE Installer:
VeraCrypt Setup 1.25.7.exe (38.4 MB) 
VeraCrypt_Setup_x64_1.25.7.msi (29.9 MB) 
Limitation: MSI installer cannot be used if system partition is encrypted with VeraCrypt.
Portable version:
VeraCrypt Portable 1.25.7.exe (38.2 MB) (17.9 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.25.7.dmg (11.7 MB)  (PGP Signature)
Debian 10 Buster:
Ubuntu 20.04:
veracrypt-1.25.4-Ubuntu-20.04-arm64.deb  (PGP Signature) and
veracrypt-1.25.4-Ubuntu-20.04-armhf.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.4-Ubuntu-20.04-arm64.deb  (PGP Signature) and
Latest Stable Release - 1.25.4 (Friday December 3, 2021)
EXE Installer for Windows XP, Windows 10 and later:
VeraCrypt Setup 1.25.4.exe (38.4 MB) 
MSI Installer (64-bit) for Windows 10 and later:
VeraCrypt_Setup_x64_1.25.4.msi (29.9 MB) 
Portable version for for Windows XP, Windows 10 and later:
VeraCrypt Portable 1.25.4.exe (38.2 MB) (17.9 MB) 
macOS Mavericks 10.9 and later:
VeraCrypt_1.25.4.dmg (11.7 MB)  (PGP Signature)
OSXFUSE 3.10 or newer must be installed.
veracrypt-1.25.4-setup.tar.bz2 (41.5 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.4-x86-legacy-setup.tar.bz2 (13.8 MB) 
Debian 11:
veracrypt-1.25.4-Debian-11-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.25.4-Debian-11-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.25.4-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Latest Stable Release: 1.24-Update7 (Friday August 7, 2020)
Installer for Windows 8 and later:
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24-Update7.exe (34.5 MB) 
Portable version for Windows 8 and later:
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24-Update7.exe (34.3 MB) 
Installer for Windows XP, Vista and 7:
VeraCrypt Legacy Setup 1.24-Update7.exe (34.5 MB) 
(PGP Signature)
Portable version for Windows XP, Vista and 7:
VeraCrypt Legacy Portable 1.24-Update7.exe (34.3 MB) 
(PGP Signature) (9.68 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.24-Update7.dmg (6.13 MB)  (PGP Signature)
VeraCrypt_Legacy_1.24-Update7.dmg (9.39 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update7-setup.tar.bz2 (14.3 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update7-x86-legacy-setup.tar.bz2 (7.06 MB) 
veracrypt-1.24-Update7-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update7-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update7-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
    For Windows: 1.24-Update6 (Tuesday March 10, 2020)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24-Update6.exe (34.5 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24-Update6.exe (34.3 MB) (9.51 MB) 
VeraCrypt 1.24-Update6 Source (Windows Zip)
(PGP Signature) VeraCrypt DCS EFI Bootloader 1.24-Update6 Source
User Guide CHM: VeraCrypt 1.24-Update6 User Guide CHM (PGP
SHA256 sums for VeraCrypt 1.24-Update6 release files
SHA512 sums for VeraCrypt 1.24-Update6 release files
Latest Stable Release
    For Windows: 1.24-Update5 (Monday March 9, 2020)
    For FreeBSD, Linux and MacOSX: 1.24-Update4 (Thursday January 23, 2020)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24-Update5.exe (34.5 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24-Update5.exe (34.3 MB) (9.50 MB) 
VeraCrypt 1.24-Update5 Source (Windows Zip)
(PGP Signature)
(PGP Signature) VeraCrypt DCS EFI Bootloader 1.24-Update5 Source
User Guide CHM: VeraCrypt 1.24-Update5 User Guide CHM (PGP
SHA256 sums for VeraCrypt 1.24-Update5 release files
(PGP Signature)
SHA512 sums for VeraCrypt 1.24-Update5 release files
(PGP Signature)
Latest Stable Release - 1.24-Update4 (Thursday January 23, 2020)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24-Update4.exe (34.5 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24-Update4.exe (34.3 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.24-Update4_Windows_Symbols.7z (3.94 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.24-Update4.dmg (6.23 MB)  (PGP Signature)
VeraCrypt_Legacy_1.24-Update4.dmg (9.45 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-setup.tar.bz2 (14.5 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-x86-legacy-setup.tar.bz2 (7.19 MB) 
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update4-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update4-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-12.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-12.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-14.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-14.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-16.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-16.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update4-Ubuntu-18.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Latest Stable Release - 1.24-Update2 (Monday December 16, 2019)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24-Update2.exe (34.5 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24-Update2.exe (34.3 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.24-Update2_Windows_Symbols.7z (4.15 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.24-Update2.dmg (6.23 MB)  (PGP Signature)
VeraCrypt_Legacy_1.24-Update2.dmg (9.45 MB)  (PGP Signature)
OSXFUSE 2.6 or later must be installed.
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-setup.tar.bz2 (15.7 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-x86-legacy-setup.tar.bz2 (7.78 MB) 
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update2-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update2-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-Ubuntu-12.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update2-Ubuntu-12.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-Ubuntu-14.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update2-Ubuntu-14.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Update2-Ubuntu-16.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Update2-Ubuntu-16.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Latest Stable Release - 1.24-Hotfix1 (Sunday October 27, 2019)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24-Hotfix1.exe (34.2 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24-Hotfix1.exe (34 MB) (9.46 MB) 
VeraCrypt_1.24-Hotfix1.dmg (6.10 MB)  (PGP Signature)
VeraCrypt_Legacy_1.24-Hotfix1.dmg (9.18 MB)  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Hotfix1-setup.tar.bz2 (14.2 MB)  (PGP Signature)
Linux Legacy installer for 32-bit CPU with no SSE2:
veracrypt-1.24-Hotfix1-x86-legacy-setup.tar.bz2 (7.05 MB) 
(PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Hotfix1-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Hotfix1-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-1.24-Hotfix1-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Hotfix1-Debian-10-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Ubuntu 12.04:
veracrypt-1.24-Hotfix1-Ubuntu-12.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Hotfix1-Ubuntu-12.04-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Latest Stable Release - 1.24 (Sunday October 6, 2019)
VeraCrypt Setup 1.24.exe (34.2 MB) 
VeraCrypt Portable 1.24.exe (34 MB) 
Debugging Symbols: (9.45 MB) 
Mac OS X:
OS X Mavericks 10.9 and later:
VeraCrypt_1.24.dmg (5.89 MB)  (PGP Signature)
OS X Lion 10.7 and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8:
VeraCrypt_Legacy_1.24.dmg (8.60 MB)  (PGP Signature)
Generic Installers:
veracrypt-1.24-setup.tar.bz2 (14.2 MB)  (PGP Signature)
Debian/Ubuntu packages:
Debian 9:
veracrypt-1.24-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
veracrypt-console-1.24-Debian-9-amd64.deb  (PGP Signature)
Debian 10: