Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17110がリリース - エンタープライズ向け機能が改良

S 20180228 95828

Microsoftは27日(現地時間)、Windows 10の最新プレビュービルド「Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17110」をリリースしました(Windows BlogMSPoweruser)。

公開されたプレビュー版は、Windows 10の次の大型アップデート「Redstone 4」の開発版ビルドです。Windows Insiders Programに参加しているFastリングユーザーはWindows Update経由で最新版に更新することができます。

Build 17110ではエンタープライズカスタマー向けの機能が改善されており、機能アップデート時にカスタムアクションを実行できる機能が追加されています。セットアップがpreinstall.cmdまたはprecommit.cmdを呼び出し、2つの更新フェーズでカスタムアクションを実行することができるようになります。また/postrollbackの強化も行われています。


  • We fixed an issue where buttons on Game bar were not centered correctly.
  • We fixed an issue where a small number of PCs might have experienced one CPU under persistent high load or even a bugcheck (GSOD with error DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION).
  • We fixed an issue where tearing a PDF tab in Microsoft Edge would result in a bugcheck (GSOD).
  • We’ve updated Start so that it now follows the new Ease of Access setting to enable or disable hiding scrollbars.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some app icons appearing distorted in Task View.
  • We fixed an issue where making a pinch gesture over the open apps in Task View might result in no longer being able to scroll down to Timeline.
  • We fixed an issue where pressing and holding on a card in Timeline would open the corresponding app, rather than bringing up a context menu.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the title bar overlapping content when you opened your lists in Cortana’s notebook.
  • We’ve updated the new notification to fix blurry apps so that it now will persist in the Action Center to be accessed later once the toast has timed out and dismissed.
  • We fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to open a new inPrivate window of Microsoft Edge from the taskbar jumplist while in Tablet Mode.
  • We fixed an issue where dragging a Microsoft Edge tab out of the window and releasing hold of it somewhere over the desktop might periodically result in a stuck invisible window.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in DirectAccess not working in recent builds, where the connection would be stuck with status “Connecting”.
  • We fixed an issue where the touch keyboard number pad would show the period as a decimal separator for countries that use the comma as a decimal separator.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in not being able to turn on and off third-party IMEs using the touch keyboard.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in numbers not being inserted when flicking up on the top row of letters in the wide touch keyboard layout.


なおbuild 17110では特定の環境でMicrosoft Storeアプリが、スタート画面やタスクバーから消えてしまう不具合が報告されているようです。Microsoftは現在問題を調査中とのことで、問題の解決のためストアアプリのリセットを行わないようインサイダーに呼びかけています。