Mountain Lion対応版「MacPorts 2.1.2」公開

Mountain Lion対応版の「MacPorts 2.1.2」が早速公開されています(NEWSアナウンスChangeLog)。

2.1.2はバグフィックスリリースで、インストール済みのMacPortsをアップグレードするには "sudo port selfupdate"を実行します。Mountain Lion用のdmgファイルも準備されています(仕事が速い!)。


Release 2.1.2 (2012-07-26 by jmr):
- Fixed autodetection of developer_dir with Xcode 4.4
(#35150, mfeiri in r95552)

- Made conversion of images to archives more robust against missing images
(jmr in r95480)

- Support spaces in hg.tag when fetching from mercurial (#22684 comment
11,12, cal in r95438)

- Made mpkg fail when building a component pkg fails, instead of trying to
continue (jmr in r95382)

- Added a log message when everything to be installed has an unsatisfied
dependency, such as in the case of circular dependencies (jmr in r93962)

- Fixed incorrect error message when installing a port that has a
dependency that is not in the index (#31130, jmr in r93511)