PhotoFiltre Studio


タイトル PhotoFiltre Studio
バージョン ver 11.0.0
更新日 2023/01/25
追加日 2013/08/17
種別 シェアウェア(3314円)
説明 初めから備えられている多数のフィルタを持つフリーのフォトレタッチソフト。日本語非対応。







11.0.0 (march 2021)
- Version
64-bit and Unicode developed with the core PhotoFiltre
Studio X
11.4.1 (jun 2022)
- Bugs fixes
and improvement of the function Fisheye correction
- Bugs fixes
11.4.0 (february 2022)
- Improvements
for Windows 11 with the addition of 2 new styles (light and
Version 11.3.0 (october 2021)
11.3.0 (october 2021)
- Bug fix in
line drawing (thickness 2 and horizontal)
- The double-click in the edit zones selects all
- Modification of the click in the sliders (adjustment bars):
 . a single click positions the cursor directly at the location
of the click
 . the double click on the cursor performs a reset
Version 11.2.0 (may 2021)
11.2.0 (may 2021)
- Fixed a bug
in the size of image window
- Fixed a translation bug
- Fixed a bug in Copy into (in case of empty zone)
- Bug fixes in image explorer (pfi, wmf and emf formats are accepted)
- Modification of the Paste region (Past in the center if the original
region is not visible)
- Added parameter 'Save with default options' (in Preferences >
==> if this parameter is activated, the image is saved without dialog
- Added 'Default Format' parameter
==> allows to force a format with the command 'Save as'
- Added tooltips in the image explorer (mouse over thumbnails)
- Added TIFF export format in the Automate/Batch module
- WebP format saves with a compression ratio of 90 instead of 75
==> too much loss of quality with 75
11.1.0 (april 2021)
- Bug fixes
in the Automate/Batch module
  . the sequence does not increment when opening a file generate
an error
  . the export format other than JPEG was wrong
- Possibility to select a link/shortcut (.lnk) for the functions
"Acquire with" and "Open layer with"
  (allows to use apps from the store or apps requiring parameters)
- Change of default format: PNG instead of JPEG when the extension
is not recognized
- The "Set as wallpaper" tool saves the image in the user's Documents
  (the Windows folder, too protected, often generates errors)
- Integrated 32-bit Twain scan module (does not support batch scanning)
Version 11.0.0 (march 2021)
of PhotoFiltre
11.0 (march 2021)
- First 64-bit
version developed with the core PhotoFiltre Studio 10
Version 10.14.1 (july 2020)
10.14.1 (july 2020)
- Bug fixed
in font size under XP/DPI > 96
- Bug fixed in manual settings of the selection (selection hidden)
- Bug fixed in tool Line (line with)
- Bug fixed in Text module (rotate parameter)
- Add 1 Gb of memory under 64-bits system (patch 4Gb of ntcore)
Version 10.14.0 (jun 2019)
10.14.0 (jun 2019)
- Replace the
tab "Vista +" with "Stylize" (in Preferences)
- Addition of a scaling factor for high resolution screen (High-DPI
- The interface display uses skin (XP, Vista, Shadows...)
- the icons are resized according to the size of the buttons
10.13.1 (december 2018)
- Bug fixed
in the filter Custom
- Bug fixed in the function Manual settings (selection)
- Bug fixed after validate a layer transformation without change
- Bug fixed in the Outer shadow (link betwwen radius and margin
Version 10.13.0 (jun 2018)
10.13.0 (jun 2018)
- Grid size
up to 300 per unit
- Reverse zoom with mouse wheel for Windows 10 compatibility (zoom
with fingers)
- The precise mode of the clone stamp use a square shape
- Improvement of the filter Outer drop Shadow (Blur radius option)
- Display bug fixed (scrolling when have layer with shadow)
Version 10.12.1 (mai 2017)
Version 10.12.0 (marsh 2017)
Version 10.11.0 (september 2016)
Version 10.10.1 (november 2015)
Version 10.10.0 (october 2015)
Version 10.9.2 (february 2015)
Version 10.9.1 (january 2015)
Version 10.9.0 (november 2014)
Version 10.8.1 (january 2014)
Version 10.8.0 (july 2013)
Version 10.7.3 (december 2012)