GNU Make 4.4 - 多数の改良や、Amiga OSの非推奨化

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S 20221101 105159

GNU開発プロジェクトは10月31日(現地時間)、GNU Makeの最新版「GNU Make 4.4」をリリースしました(Phoronix)。

2020年に1月に公開されたGNU Make 4.3以来、2年半以上が経過して登場したメジャーバージョンアップ版で、多数の改良が行われています。

例えば、これまでのリリースと比較し、より多くの状況で一時ファイルを使用する変更や、スペシャルターゲット.WAITの導入、-l / --load-averageの改良、 --shuffleオプションの追加など多数の変更が行われています。また、OS/2(EMX)、AmigaOS、Xenix、Crayは非推奨化され、次期リリースでこれらのターゲット削除されます。

- GNU Make 4.4 deprecates OS/2 (EMX), AmigaOS, Xenix, and Cray with plans to remove these targets in the next release.

- GNU Make will now use temporary files in more situations.

- The new .WAIT special target for between two prerequisites of a target. GNU Make will wait for all the targets to the left of .WAIT in the list to complete before starting any of the targets to the right of .WAIT. Some alternative versions of make already support .WAIT and will be required in an upcoming POSIX standard for make.

- Improved support for -l / --load-average on Linux systems or others exposing /proc/loadavg. GNU Make will use the exposed load average to determine the number of runnable jobs and avoid the need for heuristics.

- GNU Make 4.4 adds a "--shuffle" option. The shuffle command line option reorders goals and prerequisites to simulate non-determinism that may be seen during parallel builds. The shuffle mode can be used as a form of fuzz testing for GNU Make parallel builds.

- Also new is the --jobserver-style command-line option and named pipes on systems where mkfifo is available.

- Exporting and un-exporting of target-specific variables is now handled correctly.

- A long-standing issue with the directory cache is now fixed.

- Support for building GNU Make on Microsoft Windows with the Tiny C Compiler (TCC).


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