GNU nano 6.3がリリース - 正規表現の改善など

S 20220429 100411

オープンソースの軽量テキストエディタ「GNU Nano」の最新版「GNU nano 6.3」が4月28日(現地時間)に公開されました。現在最新版のソースコードを公式サイトからダウンロードすることができます。


  • For multiline regexes, text is now colored as soon a start match
    is found, also when there is no end match at all.
  • The colorizing of any line is stopped after two thousand bytes,
    to avoid frustrating delays.
  • When environment variable NO_COLOR is set, the two default colors
    (yellow for the spotlight, red for error messages) are suppressed
    when no interface colors are specified in a nanorc file.
  • Full justification and piping the whole buffer through a command
    now keep the cursor at the same line number.
  • Utility xsel can be used to copy a marked region to the system's
    clipboard. See doc/sample.nanorc for an example.